What is a U part wig?


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What is a U part wig? 

A U part wig (also sometimes called a U wig or ¾ wig) is basically a full head of hair extensions sewn to a wig cap, which has a U shaped opening at the top to allow you to wear your natural hair and parting freely. 

Most companies offer only one size of U part wig, we offer 3, plus the option to have the cap made to your exact measurements if you’re purchasing a made to order piece. 

We offer 3 parting choices; left, right or middle. Most of our “in stock” Immediate despatch pieces are cap size Small with middle part as this is a common choice among our clients. 

Below is our size guide.

You will need a tape measure handy. If you do not have one, we sell them here: 



Top tip: When measuring front (hairline at the front of your head) to nape (hairline at the back of your head on your neck), always make allowances for an inch of leave out at the front.  

For example, if your front to nape measures 13 inch, a 12inch size would be best for you. This allows for some space to blend with your bio hair and will give a more seamless finish. 

Ear to ear around the back is measured from behind your left ear, around the back middle part of your head (the biggest bit) and to the back of the right ear in a straight line. 


 A U part wig is often considered a protective wig, as only a small amount of your bio hair is out on show and the remainder is tucked up inside the cap. 

You can twist your bio hair and pin it flat to your head before putting the wig on, or alternatively you can have your hair braided by a professional (or do it yourself if you’re handy like that) 

How to install a U part wig 

How to install a Prestige U part

Remember- wrap your bio hair up before measuring and include it in the measurements to be sure of a good fit.



How to care for your U part wig 


First things first, handle these with care. These are all 100% human hair pieces and they will get matted and dry if not taken care of correctly. Just the same as your bio hair would! 

Do not pull or manically brush the hair, this can cause hair loss/breakage/damage to the cap. 

When prepping your wig for a wash, gently detangle from tips to roots. Work your way up in sections, try not to rush this part, if there are still knots in the wig when you get it wet they will be even harder to remove. 

Once the wig is clear of knots/tangles, fill a basin with warm water and add in a little (50p size dollop) of your favourite shampoo. Most shampoo works well with these wigs however the best option will always be shampoo designed specifically for extensions. 

See the products below. 

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Mix the shampoo in the warm water until fully dissolved then gently immerse the wig. Ensure all the hair is wet and leave to soak for approximately 10-20 minutes. 

When you come back to the wig, gently lift it out of the water, taking care to support the hair as you do so to minimise the risk of stretching the cap (Hair weighs a lot more when wet!). 

Next you need to rinse out the shampoo. You can do this in the basin or with the shower, again at a warm (not hot) temperature, being careful to support the hair and not pull down. 

Once the water is running clear, gently squeeze the hair and cap, taking care not to rub or pull the wig. 

Next, apply a conditioner to the lengths and tips but not on the top of the wefts. Conditioner on the top of the weft can cause the hair to become loose and slide out. 

Leave the conditioner to soak in to the hair for 10-30 mins as you prefer, then again rinse gently, this time with cold water. 

Squeeze excess water, and wrap the U part wig in a towel. Leave the wig in the towel for about an hour, this will help remove a lot of the moisture. 

The best way to dry your wig is to let it air dry naturally. Do not brush when wet. Remove it from the towel and hang on a wig clip hanger or on a wig block head. 

If you do not have a wig block they can be purchased here: 




This helps support the cap and keep your wig healthier for longer. 

Once dry you can gently comb through from tip to roots before styling as you like. Always use heat protection spray, this will help keep the hair in tip top condition. 

This is one we recommend here: 





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U part hair extension/wigs are a great alternative to bonded or micro ring extensions.

NO GLUE- No nasty mess when it comes to removal and no chemicals required to dissolve the glue
EASY TO STYLE- You can style your hair on your head or on a block/mannequin head

TAKE IT OFF AT NIGHT! – One of the biggest difficulties with micro ring or bonded extensions is sleeping comfortably or preventing tangling/hair damage while you sleep. Many clients complain of matted hair . With a U part you can just remove at night and sleep in comfort!

TAKE IT OFF WHEN YOU SHOWER! – Washing hair extensions can be a nightmare, they are extremely heavy when full of water and all of that weight can cause damage to your neck as well as your scalp, as you increase the risk of traction Alopecia. With a U part you can remove it when it is bath or shower time and wash it separately. You also dont need to wash them as often! (once every 10-15 uses should suffice)
CHANGE YOUR STYLE – Want thicker hair in the winter and lighter locks in the summer? No problem! You can even add clip in extensions to the U part wigs if you want extra thick hair or a temporary change of colour.
HAIR FALLS AND MOVES MORE NATURALLY- Bonded or micro ring extensions can sit in clumps and shatter the illusion that the added hair is your own. With a U part, the hair is in wefts so flows like your natural hair.
YOU CAN SCRUB YOUR SCALP!-  Scalp massage helps hair growth so is very important if you are growing out your style.
NO SALON FEES – Want to get rid of your long hair? No problem, just take the U part off. No salon fees for bonded extension removal and the inevitable hair cut that follows.